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Aultman Wait Times

Choose Immediate Care for colds/flu, sprains/strains and other minor injury/illness.

Go to the ER for major concerns and trauma. Call 911 for chest pain and stroke symptoms.

These are the doctors, nurses, technicians, staff and EMS partners who relentlessly support and protect our patients, neighbors and friends. If you want to share — or add your own photo and story as tribute to their hard work, courage and determination — please tag @AultmanHospital and use the hashtag #AultmanHealthHeroes.

Aultman Hospital Flyover
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Aultman team members received a special salute from the Youngstown Air Reserve Station. Aultman Hospital employees gathered on Aultman’s main and Aultman Alliance campuses to show their appreciation as the aircraft flew overhead. Thank you to Major Scott Allen and the 910th Airlift Wing for organizing this flyover as part of the ‘Hercs Over America’ initiative! Be sure to watch the video below for a first-hand look at this special tribute.

Click here to watch the video of their salute!

- 910th Airlift Wing
Orrville Elementary School
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We truly appreciate the thank you cards that Orrville Elementary School students have shared with our staff over the past weeks!

- Orrville Elementary School
Aultman Health Heroes1
Aultman Health Heroes2
Canton Fire Department
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The Canton Police and Fire Departments teamed up to hold a “parade of gratitude” at both Mercy Medical Center and the Aultman Hospital main campus. The parade featured local police and fire vehicles, primarily driving down Dartmouth Avenue, Sixth Street and Ninth Street.

- Canton Fire Department and Canton Police Department
Prayer Service
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On Saturday, May 2, a group of local community members held a drive-in prayer service at Aultman's main campus. The group, representative of local churches, worked with 95.9, WNPQ (“The Light”) to play several inspirational songs for the 30-minute event.

Guys With Ties
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Our friends from the Guys with Ties program at Plain Local Schools sent us a special video to encourage our Aultman staff! Listen to their message to the Aultman team by clicking here

- Plain Local Schools Guys with Ties
Aultman Health Heroes4
Aultman Hospital Sidewalk Chalk
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Today, our staff woke up to some encouraging words on the sidewalks outside of the Bedford lobby. We are so appreciative of the kindness of our community members!

Aultman Hospital Stay At Home1
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home10
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home12
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home13
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home14
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home15
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home2
Aultman Health Heroes3
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home4
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home5
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home6
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home7
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home8
Aultman Hospital Stay At Home9
Handmade Face Masks
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It has been our goal to supply each one of our staff members with a cloth face mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19. With your generous support through sewing and donating fabric masks, we are excited to be half way to our goal!

Heroes Work Here
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Orrville Elementary School2
Rices Flower Donation
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Rice's Landscapes Redefined graciously donated 650 pots of pansies to thank our team members for all we are doing in response to the COVID-19 situation. Thank you, Rice's, for this generous donation to brighten up our days!

- Rice's Landscapes Redefined
Thank You Cards
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We appreciate all the kind words our community has shared with our team over the past few weeks! From thank you cards to yard signs, your messages of encouragement have not gone unnoticed. Thank you for your support!

Thank You Card 2
Thank You Card 3
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“I know that making these masks was my answer to a prayer. When this all started, I asked God what I could do to help. He has given me a gift to sew and I love doing it. I contacted my pastor, Brother Dave Lombardi, and he in turn directed my call to you and my prayer was answered. God had given me some way to help in this pandemic. I thank all those on the front lines during this time for all that they do. God bless you and protect you.”

- Mary Todd, on sewing masks for the Aultman team
marlington steam.rainbow s
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“I teach K-5 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) in the Marlington Local School District. In my classroom, I teach my kids from a very young age that “We are all in this together” - whatever is needed we are going to be there for our classmates, our school and our community. When the need arises, we take it full steam ahead and solve the problem. My kids step up all the time to challenge the world around them and make this world a better place.

When the need to help our front-liners came up, it was just a natural response. We are fortunate in our district to have the equipment to provide these opportunities for our students. With the kids remote learning, there was no reason for our machines to sit idle. It was time to help in the only way we know how to, solve problems to make this world a better place. Working together will make us #strongertogether”

- Aubree Horning, District K-5 STEAM Teacher and Washington STEAM Club Advisor, on donation of 3-D face shields and mask extenders
devin with sams club s
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“We wanted to present a token of gratitude to our friends at Aultman. We realize this is a tough time for everyone, but specifically those working on the front lines. Aultman has supported Beyond The Game with its Friday Night Lights youth football camp and Guys With Ties program so we wanted to find a way to support them during these times.

Any act of kindness that can be shared, especially during tough times, can help someone cope or overcome stressful situations. Hopefully we were able to do so by our donation, but also inspire our young people in the community to be the positive impact we need to see in the world, especially right now.”

- Devin Jordan, Beyond the Game – on the multiple food donations made for Aultman staff, with some help from Sam’s Club
Jody.sewing s
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“I wanted to do something to help. I understand the stress of health care, as I am retired from Aultman. Making face masks was an easy way for me to help. I had time with a vacation to China canceled, a sewing machine that I enjoy and a husband willing to help! A continuing positive attitude will get us through this tough time.”

- Jody (and Robert) Welker, on sewing masks for the Aultman team
volunteers3.woodlawn church s
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“It’s been amazing to experience the kindness and love within our community. So many people are behind what we stand for at Aultman and wanted to do their part in helping us lead our community to improved health. 

If there is one thing that has become evident during this pandemic, it’s that we are all dependent upon each other. I need you and you need me. As long as we keep showing up for each other, we can make it through anything.”

- Pastor Darrell, Woodlawn Church
Backpacks 2
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In celebration of both National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week, each staff member at Aultman Orrville Hospital received a backpack in appreciation for their endless hard work and service.

The backpacks are personalized with the “Pathway Designated” logo from American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) as well as the Aultman Orrville Hospital logo.

- Aultman Orrville Hospital
Backpacks 1
Backpacks 3
Backpacks 4
003 s
006 s
IMG 0846 s
IMG 9143 s
IMG 1252 s
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We wanted to recognize the excellence that IT's Josh Hankins brings to the Aultman Team. Josh brings competence; a manner that is helpful, polite, accommodating and patient. He has been a key person in assisting Aultman Behavioral Health in getting on board with Cerner, delivery of video telehealth services due to COVID-19 and many other necessaries in our day to day operations. A huge THANK YOU to Josh for his diligence and outstanding personal qualities. An everyday hero.

- Aultman Behavioral Health Team
file2 28 s
004 s
IMG 1213 s
25 s
IMG 1229 s
IMG 9123 s
IMG 9131 s
Pain Management
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The Aultman Pain Management team would like to take a moment to thank all of our community members for "being a friend" during this time of need. Click here to listen to their musical message.

- Aultman Pain Management
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Donicka from AMG North Canton Medical Center Internal Medicine would like to take this opportunity to share her appreciation of every community member who has offered their support during this time of need. Click here to listen to her message

- Donicka, AMG North Canton Medical Center Internal Medicine
Massillon Security
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The security team at Aultman Massillon recorded a special thank you message to share with our community. Click here to watch. 

- Aultman Massillon Security Team
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The Aultman WOW team took a break from cleaning their van to share a special message. Click here to see what they had to say.

- Aultman WOW Team
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"I feel in my heart that I have to say how amazing your MICU family is! I could list so many in the department and the ICU resource staff too but I am afraid that I will forget someone. This team is family and the leadership is top notch! I have no words to thank them enough for being there for the family and friends of their own Denise Haidet! We love you all and appreciate everything you have done for us! There is a special place in Heaven for them!"

- Kristal Johnson
Masons Image
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The Stark County Masons showed their appreciation for our staff by buying and delivering 240 pizzas to Aultman's main campus. They also gifted our team with a plaque and 100 handwritten notes to thank our team for their hard work and dedication.

- Stark County Masons
Woodlawn Characters
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"The Aultman Woodlawn housekeeping team celebrated Character's Day during Nurses' Week by dressing up as 101 Dalmatians with our great staff of nurses."

- Kathy Burris
Museum TY
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"Mark Holland, Archivist of the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, helps to express as a museum our support to the people in the medical world who are fighting COVID-19, and treating the patients as well as the disease. We want to show you the origins of our local medical institutions and personnel. Today we present to you the history of Aultman Hospital." Click here to watch the video. 

- McKinley Presidential Library & Museum
Brandon MICU Nurse TY
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Brandon, one of the MICU nurses here at Aultman, shares his appreciation for the support received from the community during this time. Click here to hear his message.

- Brandon, MICU Nurse
Main OR TY
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The Main OR at Aultman Hospital would like to thank the community for the food, gifts, masks and words of encouragement during this uncertain time. Click here to hear a message from our Main OR team.

- Main OR
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"It is only by the will and the grace of God guiding the hands of my surgeons and the minds of everyone who was attending me that I am alive and recuperating so rapidly now. From the ambulance medical team that transported me to Aultman Hospital, to the incredible staff in the emergency room, to the fast actions of the doctors, nurses and health care technicians who rushed to save me, and every team member in between, every part of the Aultman team made me feel at ease. There are an infinity of humble "Thank Yous" from my heart to all of you. I am more than humbled to have been saved by such an outstanding team of angels. May God keep all of you blessed!"

- Ramon Rodriguez
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We are excited to announce that Aultman Hospital has been granted Magnet® recognition for the fourth time! The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program® for nursing excellence is an achievement shared by only 9% of hospitals in the nation. Aultman first achieved Magnet status in 2006 and remains the only Magnet-designated organization in Stark County. This honor belongs to every nurse and every interprofessional team member involved in our continued efforts to lead our community to improved health. We are Magnet because of our team's collective expertise and visible compassion. Thank you to all our Aultman team members for all you do and all you give, every day, for every patient!

1 s
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“We appreciate what Aultman does in our local communities and for our employees through AultWorks. We wanted to do what we could to help keep our friends at Aultman safe.”

- Steve Penrod, Safety Coordinator, P. Graham Dunn
diane and friend sewing s
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“Reach into your heart and mind to help find the gifts you have to find ways to control something, no matter how small, when feeling overwhelmed and powerless. What may seem insignificant to you may bring light and life to someone in need. It may offer emotional, physical or sustaining support.”

- Diane Diekmann
007 s
5 s
IMG 8327 s
IMG 4679 s
AOH Dietary.fw
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From the Aultman Orrville Hospital dietary health heroes to the heroes in our community, thank you for your support! Click here to hear their message

- Aultman Orrville Hospital Dietary
AOH Imaging
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From the imaging team at Aultman Orrville Hospital, to everyone in the community who has offered their support - thank you! Click here to hear AOH Imaging's message

- Aultman Orrville Hospital Imaging
001 s
005 s
007 s2
008 s
Woodlawn s
IMG 1218 s
file1 44 s
IMG 1207 s
8690 s
29 s
Arts in Stark
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To show their appreciation for the heroic efforts of our community's health care workers, a group of local artists collaborated to write an original song. Released as part of yesterday's ArtsinStark "Arts Happy Hour," the song "Angels without Wings" is a tribute to each and every health care worker who makes a difference in our community. Thank you to ArtsinStark for coordinating such a heartfelt project. Click here to listen. 

- ArtsinStark
AOH Lab.fw
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From the lab team at Aultman Orrville Hospital, to everyone in the community who has offered their support - thank you! Click here to hear their message. 

- Aultman Orrville Hospital
AOH Therapy
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Aultman Orrville Therapy Services would like to thank the community for all they have done to keep our Aultman team safe. Click here to learn more

- Aultman Orrville Therapy Services
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The efforts of the entire Orrville community have not gone unnoticed at this time. Click here to listen as Aultman Orrville Dunlap Family Physicians thanks the community for their patience, donations and so much more! 

- Aultman Orrville Dunlap Family Physicians
Laing Amelia
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Aultman Medical Group's Amelia Laing, M.D., has a special message of thanks for the Orrville community. Click here to listen. 

- Aultman Medical Group's Amelia Laing, M.D.
ED8 s
Face Shields.fw
- PPEoeple Brigade
IMG 8134 s
IMG 4673 s
IMG 9228 s
IMG 8786 s
26 s
IMG 6796 s
file3 12 s
IMG 1251 s
file 113 s
IMG 9227 s
IMG 9555 s
IMG 9552 s
010 s
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011 a
012 s
013 s
014 s
015 s
15 s
19 s
IMG 1211 s
IMG 1339 s
IMG 9141 s
IMG 9126 s
016 s
17 s
21 s
IMG 1209 s
IMG 1215 s
IMG 1216 s
IMG 1220 s
IMG 1222 s
IMG 1224 s
IMG 1226 s
IMG 1335 s
IMG 1338 s
IMG 1342 s
IMG 2974 s
IMG 2976 s
IMG 2977 s
IMG 2980 s
IMG 4675 s
IMG 4679 s2
Sykes Jonas
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"We don’t have a lot of therapy assistants that can be fit with N-95 masks. Sember and Judy have been some of our best front line heroes. They tough it out and take care of countless COVID patients. We are all very proud of and thankful for them both."

- Jonas Sykes
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Our #AultmanHealthHeroes have a special message of thanks for each and every community member who has shown their support over the last few weeks. From donations to well wishes, the kindness of our community has kept our Aultman team focused on leading our community to improved health. Click here to hear directly from some of our team members

- #AultmanHealthHeroes
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23 s
IMG 6082 s
IMG 6087 s
IMG 6788 s
Letter to Aultman Doctors from Student
IMG 6789 s
IMG 6792 s
IMG 6793 s
IMG 6797 s
IMG 6798 s
IMG 6799 s
IMG 6821 s
IMG 6813 s
IMG 6814 s
IMG 6827 s
IMG 8811 s
IMG 8855 s
IMG 8861 s
Student Submission
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My mother was admitted to Aultman and was been treated there. Her entire family is forever grateful for the care she received at your hospital. Needless to say, our family (which is spread out across the country) have been frantically worried and we’ve had no way to help her or control the outcome. But every encounter we’ve had with the staff at Aultman has been positive. If it were allowed, we’d fly across country to be there when she’s released, and we’d give all the doctors and nurses hugs too. Thank you for saving her life. ❤️

- Joanna
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My mom was treated at Aultman Hospital. The doctor's communication with myself and my family went above and beyond what he had to do as a hospitalist caring for her. He answered every question completely and called me back exactly when he said he would every single day! The doctor and the nurses on her floor heard my requests and addressed all of my concerns. They had to be my heart and my arms to hug her as I was not able to be with her during this stay. She recently passed away, but I am so grateful for the care and compassion she received by the Aultman staff during her unfortunate illness admission. They truly are the REAL HEROES!

- Kathy
Goodyear 2
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Goodyear is saluting frontline COVID-19 responders at hospitals throughout the region with a series of Goodyear Blimp flyovers. This week, team members from all Aultman campuses kept their eyes on the sky to show their appreciation for this unique show of support!

- Goodyear
Goodyear 1
Goodyear 3
Goodyear 4
Orrville 1 s
Orrville 2 s
Goodyear AACH 1
Goodyear AACH 2
Goodyear AACH 3
IMG 6800 s
IMG 6801 s
IMG 6802 s
IMG 6803 s
IMG 6805 s
IMG 6806 s
IMG 6807 s
IMG 6808 s
IMG 6810 s
Health Heroes Page
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This week, News-Talk 1480 WHBC is diving into health care topics! Listen in as leaders from Aultman and Mercy discuss our efforts to work together during the pandemic, and our continuing efforts to keep patients, staff and our community safe as we reopen. Click here for the full presentation. 

IMG 8268 s
IMG 6809 s
IMG 6811 s
IMG 8901 s
IMG 8257 s
Orrville 3 s
Orrville 8 s
IMG 8868 s
IMG 9113 s
IMG 9135 s2
IMG 9141 s2
IMG 9117 s
IMG 9126 s2
- Aunt Susie's Cancer Wellness Center
IMG 9066 s
IMG 9062 s
IMG 9057
IMG 9055 s
IMG 9052
IMG 9040 s
IMG 9030 s
IMG 6812 s
IMG 6815 s
IMG 6818 s
IMG 6828 s
IMG 8137 s
IMG 8140 s
IMG 8141 s
IMG 8144 s
IMG 8147 s
IMG 8152 s
IMG 8153 s
IMG 8179 s
IMG 8190 s
IMG 8191 s
IMG 8311 s
IMG 8313 s
IMG 8320 s
IMG 8321 s
IMG 8326 s
IMG 8677 s
IMG 8680 s
IMG 8692 s
IMG 8802 s
IMG 8815 s
IMG 8828 s
IMG 9105 s
IMG 8916 s
IMG 8923 s
IMG 9008 s
Stark Strong
IMG 9004 s
Worship in Parking Lot 2
IMG 8874 s
Orrville 4 s
Lewis Family 1
IMG 8930 s
IMG 9013 s
Worship in Parking Lot 3
Carol Fenton
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"Hello, I’m Carol Fenton. I work in Environmental services, at Aultman Woodlawn. Last month my mother, Rita Ludwig came to visit. My mom will be 94 years old in November of this year. She made that long trip from Chesapeake, Virginia, by car. She loves all my different shirts that promote Aultman Hospital. She draws and colors, crochets. But, I thought she’d really like this shirt. As she could color it with fabric pens. Which I’m sure she will."

- Carol Fenton
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"I am a breast cancer survivor of 19 years. My mother is in assisted living and we have not been able to embrace one another since March. I thank Aultman Hospital for receiving my first vaccine dose and for giving me Hope!"

- Tina Ramnarine MSN, RNC
Erin Luther 1
- Erin Luther
Kassi L. Smosarski 5
- Kassi Smosarski
Kelly and Lisa Harmon
- Kelly and Lisa Harmon
Davian Jackson.fw
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4th graders at Mason Elementary school made thank you cards and donated them to healthcare workers on 6East at Aultman Hospital.

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